About Us

The IEEE Computer Society of Silicon Valley (also known as the IEEE Computer Society Santa Clara Valley) is the largest Chapter in Silicon Valley. We operate as part of the global IEEE Computer Society, which with nearly 85,000 members is the world’s leading organization of computing professionals. IEEE CS was founded in 1946, and is the largest of the IEEE’s 38 societies. The Computer Society is dedicated to advancing the theory and application of computing and information technology.

Our chapter emphasizes all aspects of computing to our local members and we welcome visitors. We organize monthly Technical Meetings, which give opportunity for professional networking and where invited speakers from industry share their vision on the computing domain.

The chapter puts on two conferences each year. It sponsors the EDPS (the Electronic Design Process Symposium) conference in April and co-organizes the NFIC (New Frontiers in Computing) conference with NATEA (North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association) and the IEEE Student Chapter at Stanford University later in Spring. EDPS provides a forum for Design and EDA communities to discuss state-of-the-art improvements to electronics design processes and CAD methodologies rather than on the functions of the individual tools themselves. NFIC is a high value, low cost conference that provides an overview of emerging technical areas.

2017 Chapter Officers

In its annual election, the following officers have been elected by the Chapter members.

Chair Aaron Loar
Vice Chair Prakash Ramchandran
Secretary Krishna Vallabhaneni
Treasurer Sachin Desai

Prior Years Chapter Officers


Chair Sachin Desai
Vice Chair Prakash Ramchandran
Secretary Aaron Loar
Treasurer Trevor Meyerowitz


Chair Trevor Meyerowitz
Vice Chair Zahra Hajihashemi
Secretary Krishna Vallabhaneni
Treasurer Sachin Desai

Volunteer Team

The Chapter organization is strongly supported by a volunteer group consisting of

ACM Liaison Steven Ganz
Webmasters Devandra Raju and Jainam Shah
Event Ticketing and Promotion Trevor Meyerowitz
Social Media Specialist Tushar Karkera
Registration Desk Nancy Wassom
NFIC Chair/Liaison Rajiv Mathur
Chair Emeritus John Swan, Hans Spanjaart
EDPS Chair/Liaison Aparna Dey
SVEC Liaisons Rajiv Mathur
General Volunteers Todd Bezenek, Anne Gregory, Edward Katz